Posted by: cherryblossoms | June 2, 2008

Wonder Girls VS. Tae Yang

Wonder Girls, who caused the “Tell Me” syndrome in 2007, came back with their title song “So Hot”  from their second album.  It seems to be causing a “So Hot” syndrome with their album and music video ranking 1st on various music charts since their release on May 22. We’ll have to see how high their feverish popularity reaches before it cools down…or will it?

Wonder GIrls came back as divas, slipping on their leopard skins and shaking their booties on stage to the techno beats of “So Hot”.  Unfortunately, Wonder Girls’ rapper Yoobin was forced to lipsync (which, by the way, you can totally tell) while the other members sang live because she has problems with her throat.  On the other hand, SoHee seemed to sing in falsetto. Their performance was exactly like the music video, showing off their sexy-cute charisma. However, the song and dance moves to “So Hot” quickly became tedious on stage, only confirming that this shallow song shows the ’self-love’ that Wonder GIrls possess for themselves.

Their performance of “So Hot” was followed by a slow ballad song “This Time.” JYP definitely tapped into the G.O.D. days (Son Ho Young, Kim Taewoo, Park Joon Hyung, Danny Ahn), for this ballad song, showing that he hasn’t lost his touch of pure music. Wonder Girls were able to show their vocals but fell short in their delivery. Compared to GOD, it was not a strong performance. Nevertheless, it was great to see Wonder Girls back on stage! Finally some good, maturing talents!


Big Bang’s Tae Yang also showcased his powerful dance moves and ‘black vocals’ on the same day, bringing on the heat between YG and JYP.

The rest of the Big Bang members were there at his performance to support and cheer him on. Of course, Daesung and Seungri are MCs for MBC Music Core so they were definitely going to be there. But G-dragon and TOP showed up to watch Tae Yang, despite their busy schedules.

Tae Yang performed both his title songs “Look at Only Me” and “Prayer” from his solo album. Perhaps he was nervous standing alone, but he had a shaky start. Or perhaps I’m wrong and maybe the superflous vibrations in the backround distorted his song. Regardless, Tae Yang improved throughout his performance, displaying his amazing dance moves (again, similar to the music videos) and his resounding R&B vocals (even singing in an impressive minor key at the end of “Look at Only Me”). He obviously proved that he has enough talent to go solo.

Credits: Shenyuepop



  1. I think tae yang and wonder girl is the best!!!
    I like them very much…
    And i hope them can show good performance and get no.1 chart in korean music chart… Chayooo!!!


  3. ii LOVEE TAEYANG ! i wish i one day i wiL get to meet him ! dats al i want frm GOD….. >.<

    ii LOVEE U TY <3333

  4. i love taeyang

  5. rock on taeyang!!

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