Posted by: cherryblossoms | June 2, 2008

Yoo Bin Didn’t Rap For Their Comeback

Eldest member and rapper Kim Yoo Bin, only lip sync for Wonder Girls performances after being diagnosed with vocal cord lesions and spasmodic dysphonia recently at a checkup at a otorhinolaryngology in Kangnam. Yoo Bin was advised to take a 4 weeks rest and get treatment for her vocal cords.

For their comeback performances , they have decided to have Yoo Bin lip sync for her rapping part. This will continue until her condition improves. JYPE expressed that since end March, her condition was really bad and she barely finished the recording of the single album.

JYPE representative said on 28th May “Yoo Bin will lipsync for once but promotional activities will continue as per schedule. Yoo Bin will go for therapy sessions and we are looking into ways to shorten her healing duration. All Wonder Girls and JYPE wants is for Yoo Bin to have a speedy recovery.”

It would be a great pity especially as Yoo Bin with her husky voice had been assigned 15 rap lines in “So Hot”. In fact, most would agree that her rapping portion is the most awesome part in the whole song. But her health is of greater importance and we should be thinking long-term.

Since releasing their “So Hot” track on 22nd May, it has dominated online music portal sites, Melon, Cyworld, etc capturing the number 1 spot within two days.

When I watched their comeback performance I felt like something is missing since Yoo Bin didn’t rap. Her rapping skills are really good and I always look forward for the rap part. But nevertheless I like Wonder Girls and I’m always be their fan.. ^^



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