Posted by: cherryblossoms | June 4, 2008

Soul , Zhoumi’s Replacement ??

SOUL [Rumoured New Member]

Zhoumi might get replaced. By end July, if his performance is ‘not up to standards’. So is there another member?? (again)

The news stated that the high-end officials from SM were not happy with Zhou Mi’s performance so far and they have been through meetings to discuss it.. So He’s Sorta on ‘probation’ until end July. If he doesn’t improve or make significant changes then he’ll be kicked out. And someone else will replace him in SJ-M.  [I was kinda shock!]

And the thing is that, SM had plans before to add another person next year ( ? ) But because of Zhou Mi’s current performance they decided to bring the plan forward. [Awww,Poor Zhou Mi after training so hard then He will only be replace?? I hope he will improve and not get replace if the news was true]

And there’s another news also about Henry. SM gave them 9 months to prove themselves. And because Suju will be holding concerts in the later half of the year, SJ-M activities will be put on hold and hence there’ll sort of be a test for the both of them, whether they’re up to being in SJ-M, how’s their popularity and how their fans view them.




  1. well….look on the bright side at least soul is hot

  2. As I said in another site, LSM is just plain stupid. Please, I watched the performances and listened to performances and interviews of SJM. Zhou Mi helps a lot and his vocals are strong. Perhaps its the fact he did not stir up as many fans as other members that he is being replaced. LSM is just completely money-hungry, and out-of-control power-seeking idiot. And if he even THINKS about replacing Henry then I don’t know what SM Ent. has come to. I know LSM has created some of my favourite artists, but in many respects I do not hold LSM in high regard.

  3. seriouslly. LSM really needs to open his eyes! Zhoumi’s got am amazing voice and his dance is pretty goood or perhaps LSM is just plain slow to realize that something is wrong now when suju-m has been announenced last november!! Although i should respect LSM for the existence of super junior and dbsk, but its not like he actually treats them as groups… they arn’t groups to him but projects instead. Zhoumi is actually my fav in sjm and if he’s taken out. i dont know what i will do >.>

  4. this is too crazy!!!!! It’s the anti-fans isn’t it? Hello he’s very talented & all people do is judge him, ” o so since Zhou Mi isn’t as popular then let’s replace him,” that’s like me saying i don’t love my dog anymore so i should get another dog to replace it just because i didn’t like the 1st one!(i love my dogs anyways i’ll never replace them)
    Maybe life is too stingy! or like i LOVE to say “LIFE SUCKS!!!!!”

  5. But, sometimes it isn’t just LSM. He may be a jerk and a a-hole, but there’s also the fans.

  6. Henry is awesome and he is soo talented!!! The anti-fans are so stupid! Why would they want to judge some people who they don’t even know about yet? Urghh………Anyway 😛


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