Posted by: cherryblossoms | June 4, 2008

Sun Ye and Park Tae Hwan dating? Hahaha

“I’m also very close with Park Tae Hwan so why does only Sun Ye have a scandal with him? Their scandal saying isn’t true at all.”

That was Ye Eun standing up for her leader, Sun Ye who has been reported to be dating Korean swimmer Park Tae Hwan on two separate occasions, with the most recent one happening on 22nd May. Ye Eun in particular showed her disappointment, “Why doesn’t he have a scandal with me?”

Ye Eun continued, “Actually in Wonder Girls, It’s not just Sun Ye whom Park Tae Hwan is close with. Me and Sun Mi actually go to the same church as him and even have meals with him sometimes. So seeing how only Sun Ye has a scandal with him makes me and Sun Mi feel like we are really invisible or something.”

Wonder Girls reiterated that actually Park Tae Hwan are very close with all of them, especially with Sun Ye, Sun Mi and Ye Eun since they go to the same church. They have great rapport and often have meals together.

Sun Ye and Park Tae Hwan had met through MBC “Manwon Happiness” with the latter helping Sun Ye in her challenge. Before that program, they weren’t that close even though they go to the same church. But through the PD of that program, they got to know each other and the rest is history.

Sun Ye clarified her stand

Although I will not become unhappy over being involved in a scandal with world class sports star Park Tae Hwan who is loved by many in Korea, but this (scandal) is not true at all.

Netizens had pointed out evidence of them dating when the words “So Hot” had first appeared on Park Tae Hwan’s Cyworld on 18th May, a good four days before the song was released to the public on 22nd May.

Sun Ye explained

We meet up very often, so we will chat about our developments and also about our new album as well and that’s how he got to know the name of the song.

Credits: Coolsmurf


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