Posted by: cherryblossoms | June 4, 2008

SuperJunior – H Debuts June 7 at Dream Concert

Super Junior-H are confirmed to make their first appearance at the 2008 DREAM CONCERT on June 7, 2008, performing their title track, “요리왕(Cooking?Cooking!)”.

Super Junior-Happy (SJ-H) is the fourth Super Junior subgroup after Super Junior-K.R.Y (SJ-KRY), Super Junior-T (SJ-T), and Super Junior-M (SJ-M), formed by SM Entertainment. The six members includes Leeteuk (SJ-T), Yesung (SJ-KRY), Kangin (SJ-T), Shindong (SJ-T), Sungmin (SJ-T), and Eunhyuk (SJ-T).

On the 30th, SM announced that, like the name of the group, they will be peforming quick and refreshing songs, giving the fans a feeling of bliss and happiness.

Super Junior-Happy’s first mini album will be available in June 5.
The title track is a dance song entitled “요리왕(COOKING? COOKING!)” ( yoriwang: Cook King ).
Their mini album jacket theme is a pajama party with a cooking theme. It has a total of 28 pages.

The song is a story about a youth stumbling upon interesting things as he thinks about cooking for his girlfriend.

Super Junior-H has been a project they have been secretly working on in the past few months. They unofficially debuted on May 3, 2008 (Yedang Online ‘POWER CONCERT’) although they didn’t introduce themselves as Super Junior-H at the time.

How About Hee Chul and Ki Bum?

People have been asking about this. Why aren’t Hee Chul and Ki Bum in any Super Junior Sub Groups At The Moment?

Heechul will (eventually) have his own individual activities to pursue. He is also on a break at the moment.
Kibum has an ongoing drama to film so he’s too busy to be in a subgroup. ALSO, Kibum explained before that he’s not planning to join any Super Junior subgroups because he wants to focus more in his acting career. He will be only doing his singing activities with the main group. However, that MAY change in the future, so we cannot be so sure.

Credits: miss scarlet @ soompi



  1. uhh,,, ee teuk i love u,,
    ye sung,,, so cute,,,

  2. Sungmin cuteeee..very..very..very cute..hehehe..

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