Posted by: cherryblossoms | June 6, 2008

Wonder Girls Yonhap News Interview

We asked the Wonder Girls, who recently made a comeback with their “So Hot” album about the rumors surrounding them. Members replied professionally that scandals, copying music, etc rumors don’t come if you don’t have attention.

Q. Is So Hee a loner like stated?

So Hee: Some people edited clips of the other members laughing while I’m having no expression at all. I’m really not a loner.

Ye Eun: There are rumors that my relationship with Sun Ye hasn’t been good since I got into college while she didn’t make it. Also, because our stage presence towards each other is lacking. haha (the laugh is to show how funny it is to Ye Eun since it’s just a rumor)

Q. What’s the relationship between swimmer Park Tae Hwan and Sun Ye who are supposedly sharing couple rings?

Sun Ye: I became close with Tae Hwan while watching MBC “Manwon Happiness”. Tae Hwan, myself, Ye Eun and Sun Mi all go to the same church so we eat meals sometimes together. But the scandal only included me. The ring was a birthday present from my father and since I lose items usually, I only wear it on days when we have no special performances going on. The issue with “So Hot” appearing on Tae Hwan’s Cyworld before release date is because since we meet frequently, I told him as we were talking and Tae Hwan just wrote the song name wishing for us to do well.

Q. “So Hot” and “Sweet Dreams” similiarity is becoming an issue too.

Ye Eun: So Hot’s charm lies with its repeating chords and that’s the reason why it’s so addictive. “One chord” presentation songs are released more so it’s less of a copy but rather overusage.

Sun Ye: Even thought this ain’t true, I will read this as interest towards us.

Credits: Coolsmurf


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