Posted by: cherryblossoms | June 6, 2008

Ye Eun says “I’m Not Good At Maths…”, 86 points is doing badly?

Wonder Girls Ye Eun was a honor student during her middle school years.

In the recording for SBS “The Star Show” talkshow program on the afternoon of 5th June, the Wonder Girls who was making a comeback with their “So Hot” mini album showed their report cards to the hosts.

Ye Eun who is known to be a top student said

Although my exam results are very good but my self study review isn’t that good. In my first and second year, I got first for my final term exams. But if you add the projects and self study review, I would be second instead.

She added

Although I am fond of reading books normally, my maths isn’t that good. In my second semester, my results was rock-bottom.

MC Park Soo Hong then took a look at Ye Eun’s report card and replied

In all of your subjects, you got 90 points but only in maths, you got 86 points. Is that supposed to be bad?

Meanwhile, leader Min Sun Ye middle school results were also revealed and other than one subject being “excellent”, the other subjects were all “good”. The results of the two youngest members were also revealed with Sun Mi having got number one before in her class. For So Hee, she did hover in the upper echelons of her class before. No mention was made of Yoo Bin’s results.

“The Star Show” episode that reveals the report cards of the Wonder Girls will be shown next Monday night, 9th June at 11pm on SBS.



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