Posted by: cherryblossoms | June 10, 2008

Sun Mi Sent To Hospital With Breathing Difficulties

Sun Mi of the Wonder Girls experienced breathing difficulties in the midst of an interview this morning and was subsequently sent to a local hospital for review.

While doing an interview with a local newspaper, Sun Mi suddenly had difficulties in breathing and was immediately sent to the hospital ER. According to JYPE, Sun Mi took a blood test and chest x-rays and are awaiting the results.

According to sources, “She had some breathing difficulties and we still don’t know the reason behind it because it just happened suddenly. It’s premature to attribute it to fatique and we will only decide after the results are out.”

Another said, “Sun Mi’s body condition hasn’t always been the strongest and she was probably overworked with the hectic So Hot promotion schedule.”

Wonder Girls will continue their schedule this afternoon and the next few days without Sun Mi who will be taking a break while awaiting the results of her test.

We are only in the third week of “So Hot” promotion and Sun Mi is already feeling the fatique. Must be tough juggling school and performing. Hope that JYPE can work something out because Sun Mi is just only 16 afterall.

Credit: Coolsmurf


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