Posted by: cherryblossoms | June 11, 2008

Sun Mi Suffering From Hyperventilation Syndrome

Sun Mi of the Wonder Girls fainted during an interview yesterday bought upon by breathing difficulties (dyspnea) stemming from hyperventilation syndrome.

While doing an interview with Joy News yesterday morning, Sun Mi experienced difficulties in breathing and fainted suddenly as a result (it must have been a shock for many). Sun Mi’s fainting got everyone flustered but it’s understood that even before her debut, there was question marks over her health.

In a phone interview yesterday afternoon with someone related to the Wonder Girls, “During Sun Mi trainee period before her debut, her health condition wasn’t that good. She will occasionally feel discomfort. According to what I know, the Wonder Girls has no other special events going on and only concentrating on TV performances. The workload is actually very low. So it’s very worrying to see Sun Mi suffering from breathing difficulties under this situation.”

JYP Entertainment with regards to Sun Mi’s condition expressed, “Sun Mi condition is gradually stabilizing and now resting at home. But we are asking for a detailed examination of her health to see if there are any special problems. It’s hard to decide whether she can continue with the promotional activities now. First, we must carefully observe Sun Mi’s health condition.”



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