Posted by: cherryblossoms | June 14, 2008

TVXQ Sets New Korean Record

Asia’s top popularity five-member boyband TVXQ staged a concert at 7.30 on the 12th at beijing’s fengtai stadium; presenting a spectacular performance for over 20 000 fans from korea, japan, thailand, singapore and other asian countries, drawing a perfect end to their 2nd Asia Tour. Having swept all the top awards at music award ceremonies in 2006, TVXQ started their 2nd Asia Tour on the 23rd of Feb 2007 in Seoul, staging 13 performances in the 6 cities: taipei, bangkok, KL, Shanghai and Beijing which drew a crowd of 18 400. On top of that, their Japan Live Tour in 2007 and 2008 drew crowds of 55000 and 150 000 respectively, adding to a grand total of 39 000 people, setting a new record for the highest number of concert tickets sold (a direct trans would be highest number of concert audience. but that sounds weird ) for Korean artists.

for the past 1 year and 4 months, TVXQ has set many new records. When tickets for their first stop for the Asia Tour in Seoul were open for sale, 300 000 people logged onto the site causing it to crash; they have also set the record in thailand for 2 consecutive years as the foreign artists which drew the largest crowds for their concerts.

In October of last year, TVXQ was forced to cancel one of their 2 concerts in taiwan due to the typhoon but they promised their fans to return and staged a concert in taiwan once again in May. In the seoul concert, although leader Yunho’s waist injury disappointed many fans, all the members put in their best for the concert and got a resounding response from the fans.

The final stop for TVXQ’s 2nd Asia Tour (which began in december last year) was in Beijing. The concert began at 7.30. During the 2h40min concert, TVXQ felt the passionate support from 20000 fans from korea, japan, thailand singapore and all over asia.

Having completed their 2nd Asia Tour, TVXQ will be meeting their korean fans in the 2008 Super Triple Concert in the Seoul Jamsil Olympic Stadium on the 15th at 7pm in a bid to raise funds for kids with leukimia.


Credits: Article: Ent.Rednet.Cn , Translation: grizzlybeary@soompi.


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