Posted by: cherryblossoms | June 17, 2008

Hyun Joong Fans Asking For Less Skinship With Hwang Bo

Since appearing on MBC “We Got Married”, Hwang Bo has been gradually feeling the pressure from Kim Hyun Joong’s fans.

Hwang Bo expressed her thoughts about being together with Kim Hyun Joong, “Initially, when I accepted the offer to be on the program, I really had no idea who my partner was. After seeing who it was, I felt surprised and burdened. That’s because an idol singer has much more fans and I was afraid that I might not be able to perform well on the program. But now even without the cameras, I feel that I am really like his girlfriend off-screen.”

Although this older woman, young man couple is still treating each other with caution now, 4-dimensional groom Hyun Joong felt that it was improving, “If I have to rank our awkwardness on an index, it would be 1000 at the start. But it’s only 70 right now and we are slowly but surely warming up to each other. Everyone, please wait and anticipate our out-of-this world performance.”

But Hwang Bo has been feeling the pressure exerted by Hyun Joong fans lately. She expressed on MBC “Come To Play”, Hyun Joong fans has been asking me to try and curb any excessive skinship with Hyun Joong. So I’m always hesitating and depressed if I’ve to help him arrange his hair or any other skinship.” But Hyun Joong replied back, “Very thankful to my fans for their concern. But I don’t really think too much about skinship while doing program. Hope that my fans will not post any bad comments about Hwang Bo.”

SS501 members were asked, “Who do you hope to be paired with if you were on We Got Married?”, Young Saeng expressed, “I hope to be paired with Sung Yuri”. Hyung Joon answer, “BOA”.

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  1. Well his fans should cool it. They are just jealous. How can they not want him to be happy. Hwang Bo is perfect for him, she is kind takes good care of him is not out to spend all of his money. I just don’t know which girlfriend would have been patient and understanding, who is also cute, beautiful, talented with such a big heart.

    They have fun whenever they are together. I am sure they were happy about the Japan and the vacation episodes. The vacation episodes especially when he was holding her hands, shoulders rubbing her neck.

  2. i am his fan too, but i’m ok with that.. even hyun joong marry hwangbo for real ..i don’t mind.. as far as hyun joong happy.. that is the real meaning of being his fan..

  3. Actually i hopefully that Hyuun Joong and Hwang Bo will become a real couple..
    since HwangBo looks like she really kind. I think she’s the perfect woman for Hyuun Joong.

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