Posted by: cherryblossoms | June 17, 2008

What Wonder Girls Will Be Doing 2-3 Years From Now.

Ye Eun:
I wonder if we would be popular music-wise in other foreign countries. I wish that the name Wonder Girls will give hope and be a brand name to people. Those singers that if you just hear their name, you can buy their CD or concert ticket, that kind of singer. I would think more deeply for solo activities. In 2-3 years, I still think it’s too young for me to try solo yet and I’m studying to write my own songs. I want to write my own songs.

Sohee: In 3 years, I’ll be 19 in American age so I’ll be able to watch 19 – limit movies. (laughs) I think I’ll be able to show more mature stage presence in 2-3 years. Since I was always interested in acting, I’d like to show my side in acting too.

Yoo Bin:
I would still be in Wonder Girls. I want to show you a more grown up Wonder Girls. In 2-3 years, I’d really like to write my own rap parts. I’d also like to study mixing and designing. I’d have to return to school and balance out singing and schooling.

We will still be Wonder Girls then. I think we’ll be doing activites in foregin countries, receiving recognition from them. I was really touched at the fact that I had stepped my foot in the American market. During the New York and LA performances, I heard praises and was able to dream big. I think I was able to experience everything in person and earn lots of courage. It wasn’t an unplanned thought of Beyonce or Pussycat Dolls but even during the short time period, I realized that it was do-able. I want to go watch a lot of concerts or plays and record a CCM and let it out. I’d like to do a musical too if given the chance.

Sun Mi:
In a few years Wonder Girls would be matured a lot. I want to visit NASA. Also visit space centers. I have a lot of interest in Earth Science or saving the environment.

Credits: daum , xsimply juciy @ WG soompi.(translating)


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