Posted by: cherryblossoms | June 18, 2008

TOP, Acting In Um Jung Hwa’s New Album MV.

Big Bang’s TOP will help Um Jung Hwa like how he helped Gummy.

TOP will act in the MV for a song in Um Jung Hwa’s new album, which planned for release on the first of the coming month.The anticipation of fans on what kind of acting TOP will do in Um Jung Hwa’s MV is gathering.

A representative of YG Entertainment said, “It’s not determined whether or not the song TOP will be acting in a MV for will be the title song. By having a satisfactory composition, we can gather anticipation for the MV as well. Currently we are looking for an opportunity.”

For the first time, YG Entertainment is collaborating with an outside singer, Um Jung Hwa. This happened because Um Jung Hwa has a close friend in YG. The producing for Um Jung Hwa’s new album is controlled directly by YG Entertainment, and in addition, Big Bang and Gummy will be supporting Um Jung Hwa. There is a song written and composed by Big Bang’s G-Dragon which also contains a rap featuring by G-Dragon. In another song, Gummy will have a rap featuring, which is an unusual case with a female singer having a rap featuring in another female singer’s song.

Grab from Randommixes.wp
Translated by melodygreenleaf


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