Posted by: cherryblossoms | June 29, 2008

Big Bang’s Manager is Sun Mi’s Big Fan

The Wonder Girls were recently featured in an MNet Wide News coverage of this year’s summertime comebacks with Wonder Girls up against Tae Yang.

During the interview, the MNet host shared that while he was in Big Bang’s car, they played the “So Hot” single to no end. Ye Eun declared, “Tae Yang might like our music, but really, his manager is a great fan of Sun Mi’s!”

The screen then cut to a clip from the April shooting of Big Bang’s Baskin Robbin’s CF. G-Dragon and T.O.P teased their manager for being a bigger fan of the Wonder Girls, Sun Mi in particular over Big Bang.

They also revealed embarrassing details about the fanboy. In addition to having a Wonder Girls ringtone (at that time), and listening to infectious Wonder Girls music all day, he also had about fifty pictures of Sun Mi on his desktop according to G-Dragon. T.O.P added, “His computer’s password hint was ‘my love’… I typed in ‘Sun Mi’, and it worked!”

Sun Mi played it down saying

He probably likes Wonder Girls more than me, right?

credit: allkpop + WonderSubbers + Coolmsurf


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