Posted by: cherryblossoms | July 1, 2008

Wonder Girls Throws So Hee a Surprise Birthday Party

Looks like the Wonder Girls have indeed threw a SUPRISE party for our So Hee.

On 27th June midnight, while So Hee was on her way to the rehearsal studio, they threw her a surprise birthday party. Because of their super busy schedule, So Hee didn’t expect anything, and actually forgot about her birthday.

Sohee stated, “I forgot it was my birthday, but the members remembered, so I’m really thankful. The members said that they would give me my presents later so I’m looking forward to them (So hee laughs).”

So Hee smiled when she saw that the members prepared cake and appetizers for her. Yoo Bin expressed, “As soon as it was her birthday, all the members wanted to be the first one to congratulate her. Because of our hectic schedule, I felt sorry that we didn’t have time to get gifts for her. But after watching So Hee, who was all happy and smiles, the members were able to let loose and have fun, something they haven’t done for a long time.

The Wonder Girls will be appearing on “Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate”, a music show similar to “Yoon Do Hyun’s Love Letter” where artists sing a couple of songs and sit down for a short interview. Probably going to air next week.

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  1. that picture is awesome XD

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