Posted by: cherryblossoms | July 3, 2008

About the Ghost Rapper during Yoo Bin’s Lip-syncing

The Wonder Girls appeared on Go News live chatting program on 25th June where someone wrote on the screen about ghosts and their responses.

You can view the video here.

Currently, Yoo Bin is the only rapper in Wonder Girls. But because of her voicebox problem, she is lip-syncing now during performances. But during a recent performance on Inkigayo (22nd June), they heard some raps during Yoo Bin’s part and they replayed the video 20 – 30 times just to make sure. Ye Eun said, “To make sure, we compared every member’s lips with the voice.

Ye Eun added, “It cannot be any other member’s voice. All the other members were distant from the mic, none of the member’s lips were in sync with the voice. But we heard someone rapping along from the beginning to the end. We could not think that it was Yoo Bin’s voice by any means.”

Sun Ye said, “If we had heard the sound of the wind flappng, we would have thought that it was her. But it was definitely a high-pitched voice. What’s even more strange is that the voice was out of breath.”

Yoo Bin said, “I didn’t make any voice then, for I was worried about unexpected results for my throat. When monitoring, I double check if I rapped accidentally, but I couldn’t find any trace of this happening.”

There’s still no confirmation on when Yoo Bin will start rapping again. And so the truth is out there and remains unresolved…

credit: lazenca0 + Coolmurf



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