Posted by: cherryblossoms | August 9, 2008

Big Bang 3rd minialbum takes Kmusic scene by storm

Big Bang’s 3rd minialbum “Stand Up” within a day of release has taken music scene by storm.

Their title song “Haru Haru” was on top daily 10 chart on Cyworld. The song was on number 1 position, while another song which is also a collaboration with Daishi Dance “Heaven” is at number 2.

While for the song that member TOP composed, “Good Person” was at number 3, “Lady” at number 5 and the song “Oh, My friend” featuring band No Brain was at position number 6. Even the intro song “Stand Up” was in top 10 positions, standing at number 7 position.

This 3rd minialbum has received such overwhelming response that all the songs collected in it have occupied all rankings from #1 to #7, except for #4 on the music chart.

Especially when “Haru Haru” MV, featuring GDragon, TOP and Park Min Young, was released simutaneously with the album, it provides a form of synergy effect to the release of the minialbum.

Not only that, this new 3rd minialbum is also rising up very fast on many sales charts.

Big Bang will have their comeback stage on Inkigayo on 10th August.

Source: Sookyeong.wp


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