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Big Bang “Music got ‘deeper’ and genre became ‘wider’”

3rd mini-album “Stand Up” released… “We won’t fall behind in our competition with our seniors (translator’s note: the word is “Sunbae” meaning someone who’s their senior in ref. to the fact that they debuted before the Big Bang)

translated by ricepaper@soompi

The 5-person group Big Bang’s value soar with each new album release.

Last second-half of the year, they kept the top of the K-Charts for several months with hits like “Lies” and “Last Farewell.”

Unlike idol-groups that lend their voice to other people’s songs (ref. to the composers that “sell” their songs to have other people sing), Big Bang has the ability to compose and produce, creating a wide fan-base. Tae Yang in his solo-album, Top in drama, Seungri in musical, and Dae Sung in show programs demonstrate their talent, creating bigger individual worth within the group.

Reunited Big Bang released their 3rd mini-album “Stand Up” on the 8th.

This album, within the boundary of rap music, experiments with Bossa nova, Rock, and other variety of genres, making it even more rich (ref. to the article title, how their music got “deeper”). It seems YG, the foremost brand for Black music in Korea, experimented with different genres through Big Bang.

According to the members on the night of the 7th at a pension at Ga- Pyeong, “Till now, we worked with Perry, Teddy, and other YG Family members before, but we worked with Japanese DJ and composer Daishi Dance, an outside artist for the first time, and No Brain participated in featuring, creating a more mature and deep music”

Working together with Daishi Dance was a surprise. For one time, “Lies” was accused of sounding similar to Daishi Dance’s “Moon Garden” and “P.I.A.N.O.” by the netizens.

According to G-Dragon, producer and composer of “Lies,” “Since people listen differently, they can think that,” but “we have nothing to hide so we aren’t too worried about it”

But “If there’s room for debate, we will feel more at ease if we put an end to it. That’s why we asked (translator’s note: the word used comes closer to “begging.” Apparently, Big Bang REALLY wanted to work with Daishi Dance and kept asking YG to put them in contact) our company that we wanted to work together with Daishi Dance. After asking them, they easily accepted our request. Working with Daishi Dance was expanding my limits,” said G-dragon, showing his satisfaction.

In the title song “Haru Haru,” co-composed by G-dragon and Daishi Dance, G-Dragon added his addictive melody over Daishi Dance’s stylish accompaniment. “It’s Shibuya-kei music like “Lies,” but I hope you get the feeling that it’s more emotional,” said G-Dragon.

“Chakhan Saram,” co-composed by Top and Kush, is Bossa nova-like, and “All My Friend,” co-composed by G-Dragon and No Brain, is a cool rock sound that seems appropriate for an Olympic cheer song.

“In “All My Friend,” we needed a strong voice. We asked Arrangement and Featuring to No Brain who worked with us well in concerts. It was an enriching and fun experience,” said G-Dragon.

According to G-Dragon who’ve worked as the album’s producer, there were often hard moments. After each member finished their individual activities, he recorded them in order and he himself stayed up many nights, sleepily working, creating the need for re-do.

[skip: basically, each recaps member’s individual activities and their thoughts on it. they’re all really happy about it =) ]

“Now, each and every one of our 5 members are noticeable and shining. We now have the power to appeal more when we’re together. Big Bang’s music too seems even more defined by Tae Yang’s music” (G-Dragon)

With Seo Taiji, Kim Gun Mo, Lee Hyori, and other big names in the music industry coming back, isn’t there a burden releasing an album at the same time?

“It’s burdening, but I think it’s a good opportunity. Since there’re alot of big seniors, there’s alot to look at Korean music scenes right now. Being newcommers (translator’s note: I know Big Bang’s not “new” since it’s been 2 years since their debut, but they’re saying they are in front of their big name seniors like Seo Taiji who’s been in the industry for over a decade or so), our first priority is not to fall behind in our competition with our seniors.” (Members)

According to G-Dragon regarding Seo Taiji, “Since I was little, I admired Seo Taiji sunbae-nim and was influenced by his music. Even the new music this time experimented with the Drum and Bass genre, and I was awed this time too.”

“People who listened to music via internet lined up at music stores to buy his CD and looked up music programs. It feels like the music markets getting bigger again.”

“I’ve recently watched a movie on the Rolling Stones and was inspired by how they played happily and passionately on stage even when they were over 60. The age difference is past (translator’s note: the word used is 띠동갑 which originates from the Chinese zodiac. Your “animal” comes back every 12 years. They’re basically saying how the Rolling Stones are older than their animal -senior: they’re older than them past 12 years.) 띠동갑, but their passion is something to follow up on from our great sunbaes. Sometimes, I think to myself, ‘What will we be doing in our 50s and 60s” and all our members go, “We’ll be on stage.” Of course, we probably won’t be dancing as much… haha” (G-Dragon)

The members will be have their come-back in SBS “Inki Gayo” on the 10th and will be returning to Japan afterwards. On the 11th, they have planned a fan meeting and starting from October, accompanied by a new album release in Japan, they’re planning to have concerts in Nagoya, Tokyo, and Osaka.

Source: Ygworld.wp


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