Posted by: cherryblossoms | August 10, 2008

Big Bang 100% Confidence Comeback Stage On Inkigayo

For their comeback stage which was broadcasted on SBS Inkigayo at 3.40pm this afternoon, they performed a medley of three songs from their 3rd mini album “Stand Up”, “Stand Up”, “Haru Haru (Day by Day)” and “Oh My Friend” and got a tremendous reception from the watching VIPs.

Through their hairstyles and outfits, they also seek to project a strong/tough masculine image to their fans. It was most exemplified by G-Dragon who shaved half of his head as all members displayed and highlighted their charisma on stage and not their smiles. In the interview after their stage, G-Dragon said, “The concept this time is to project a masculine image.

Even their confidence is out of this world. You can see it from their “Stand Up” song lyrics which draws a line between them and others with lines like ‘High quality and color like the high sun’, ‘As you know this generation’s TOP’, ‘Addicts appear on this dangerous track’ which introducing Big Bang and their music.

The other track “Oh My Friend” which was co-produced with No Brain was a rock tune which showed off another side of Big Bang’s music style. In other news, Hyori picked up her 3rd consecutive Mutizen song award for “U-Go-Girl” which also ends her participation in Take 7 (restricted to three wins), paving the way for Big Bang to lay their claims starting from next week.

Credit: Coolsmurf


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