Posted by: cherryblossoms | August 10, 2008

G Dragon’s New Hairstyle Raised Much Interests

Big Bang’s leader GDragon new hairstyle has received hot interests from netizens on the internet.

GDragon recently got a new “half a month” hairstyle for their new 3rd minialbum. This new hairstyle was revealed on their commemoration party on 7th August. showing GDragon with half of his half shaved off.

YG Entertainment said, “Big Bang had wanted to show a more intense and mascular look for the new album. This is why GDragon changed his hairstyle.”

Not only this, the boy’s fashion style for the new album has also become hot topic. Big Bang has not only received popularity and interests for their music but also for their fashion and style.

We will see more of Big Bang’s new style for their new album with their comeback stage performing the title song “Haru Haru” on 10th August, on Inkigayo.

Credit: Sookyeong.wp


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