Posted by: cherryblossoms | August 10, 2008

Han Kyung, Chinese Member of Super Junior Carries Olympic Torch

Hang-kyung, the Chinese member of popular male vocal group Super Junior, took part in carrying the torch of the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Han-kyung took part in the Olympic torch relay during one of the final legs of its journey in Bejing. Numerous fans flocked to the streets to greet the idol star.

The torch relay was broadcast live across China through BTV which introduced the singer as a popular member of Super Junior who was selected by Korea’s SM Entertainment.

After completing his leg of the relay, the singer said it was the single most special moment of his life and that he felt honored, happy and moved by the whole experience. He also went on to thank his Korean, Chinese and other Asian fans for supporting him.

Han-kyung nabbed the number one spot in the “2008 Beijing Olympic Torch Bearer Selection Vote” which took place on the Chinese website for Coca Cola ( He was chosen as the torch bearer for the Beijing relay earlier this year in March.



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