Posted by: cherryblossoms | August 11, 2008

Dae Sung To Join Big Bang In Japan Later Due To “Family Outing”

Big Bang DaeSung will be following the rest of the members to Japan for the promotion of their Japanese single “With You”.

They will be having a fan meeting cum promotion for the single on 11th August. But DaeSung did not depart for Japan on the same day as the rest of the members and stayed back in Seoul.

The reason being that there will be filming for “Family Outing” which DaeSung has a part in on 11th and 12th August. Hence DaeSung will join back Big Bang 1 day later.

Big Bang had their comeback stage on 10th August on SBS Inkigayo after their new minialbum “Stand Up” was released on 8th August. And for DaeSung who will be doing both music promotional activities and on activities on variety shows will be put on a busy schedule.

When asked about how he felt having to juggle both Big Bang activities and his own on variety show, he said easily, “I just go for it with the feeling that I am going to have fun doing the activities.”

Big Bang will be in Japan Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya for promoting their new Japanese single. And will be returning back to Korea on 15th August.

Credit: Sookyeong.wp


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