Posted by: cherryblossoms | August 19, 2008

G Dragon Hairstyles Get People Talking

Big Bang GDragon who has recently changed his hairstyle to the “half a month” Mohican style, has yet again set everyone’s attention on his different styles.

YG Entertainment said, “He has took up this bold attempt to change his hairstyle for suit the more mature and manly concept set for this new Big Bang minialbum. And his new bold hairstyle has not only roused the concern of fans and media in Korea but also in Japan when Big Bang went over for promotion.”

“GDragon has been receiving a lot of attention on his hairstyle ever since the ‘Lies’ days last year. Back then, he was known for his ‘apple hairstyle’ or ‘duck hairstyle’, when he tied up his fringe.”

“He attempted hairstyles that most men have not and did not tried out. After the ‘apple hairstyle’, he went on to change to the bangs, a style popular amongst the females and which also is a challenging hairstyles for males.”

On the other hand, after the release of their 3rd minialbum ‘Stand Up’, not only did the title song ‘Haru haru’ made it to the top 3 positions on online music charts, other songs like ‘Heaven’ and ‘Good Person’ is also very popular amongst fans.

Credit: Sookyeong



  1. i think he looks hot in any hairstyles people just hateing on jiyong cus they cant rock any hair styles

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