Posted by: cherryblossoms | August 20, 2008

Heechul Leaving His First Kiss For Future Wife

Super Junior member, Kim Heechul revealed recently, “I will leave my first kiss to my future wife”, his words invoking reaction from his fans.

While hosting his ETN radio show, he revealed about the preparations that he and fellow Suju member Kangin have been undergoing for their “Xanadu” musical which would be showing from 9th – 11th September. The most interesting part was when he talked about the filming for the musical TVCF.

Kim Heechul expressed that he was able to complete the filming for the hugging scenes, etc with relative ease. But he found himself in a spot when the director requested for him to do a kissing scene with the female actress. This was because he wanted to leave his first kiss for his future wife. So right until the end of the filming, he never attempted any kissing scenes at all.

Credit: Coolsmurf



  1. oh..soo cutee..hehe..heechul leaving his first kiss for his future wife…sooo sweeett..hehe..lucky future wife huh.hhee

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