Posted by: cherryblossoms | August 27, 2008

Big Bang Signs With Universal Music, And Will Release 1st Japanese Album In October

Big Bang, who recently advanced into the Japanese market, signed a contract under Universal Music.

With this, their official 1st Japanese album is set to enter the mainstream market on 22nd October. And their music will be labelled under Indie label Village Again.

Initially, Big Bang entered the Japanese market as a foreign artiste. They did not sing their songs in Japanese or appear on many variety shows like other singers did. Instead they sang their songs in English and they only did the basic promotion of doing interviews and fanmeetings. So with the signing of the contract under the company, they are said to be able to advance deeper into the Japanese market this time.

Their company YG Entertainment said, “Big Bang started out with support of clubs and winning over fans with just their music. But seeing the great response for them in Japan, we decided to work together with the company (Universal Studio) to bring them into the mainstream market.”

“With their group and personal schedule in Korea, they can’t advance at full speed into the Japanese market, but we are trying to phase it out slowly.”

And their performing hall is also set to grow bigger. They had a concert on 28th and 29th March in Tokyo JCB Hall of capacity to contain 3,000 fans.

And it is said that they are going to have another concert tour in 3 cities in October which is planned to be able to hold more fans at the performances.

Anyway, Big Bang released their first minialbum “For the World” in January, debuting with new song “How Gee” and the english version of songs like “Lie” etc.

Meanwhile, Big Bang who recently released their 3rd minialbum “Stand Up” in Korea, is receiving a lot of popularity for the new album.

Credit: Sookyeong



  1. If they signed with Universal, they soon be available on Deezer very soon!!!

  2. Even though I don’t understand korean nor japanese, I’d love to hear them sing in japanese. I hope they do well in Japan.

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