G Dragon Is VIP

Name : G-Dragon (Real Name: Kwon Ji Yong)
Date of birth : Aug.18, 1988
Blood type : A
Family: Parents, one older sister
Hobbies : Drawing, listening to music, writing music and poetry
Favorite food: Steak, fried rice
Special talents: Rap, dance, singing, song writing, beat boxing
Religion : Christian

Kwon Ji Yong, also known as G-Dragon or GD, is the leader of the popular male vocal group Big Bang and a widely-acknowledged singer-songwriter, who won the ‘2007 Songwriter Award’ at the Mnet Km Music Festival. When Kim was just seven years old, he was chosen as one of the members of a singing group called ‘Little Roora’. G-dragon has been trained by one of Korea’s biggest entertainment agencies,YG Family, since he was 12 along with his fellow Big Bang member, Tae Yang. G-Dragon is considered a style icon and has a deep passion for fashion. G-Dragon released his debut digital single ‘Just Look at Me Part 2’ on June 30, 2008.



  1. i love GD too, can you add my blog to your blogroll?

  2. Sure, we can exchange links. ^^

  3. Aww G-Dragon

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