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Mutizen Award For Big Bang In Just 2 Weeks Into Comeback

Big Bang won the Mutizen award on 24th August on SBS Inkigayo with their 3rd album comeback title song “Haru Haru”.

This is just 2 weeks into their comeback with their 3rd album “Stand Up” on 8th August.

Big Bang has been one of the leading artiste groups in the Kpop zone since releasing popular hits like “Lies” and “Last Farewell”. In addition, Big Bang has been sweeping many #1s on various online music sites. And their latest 3rd minialbum has also surpassed the 100,000 copies for offline sales.

Big Bang said after receiving the Mutizen award, “We are happy to be receiving this prize after our comeback. We will continue to work hard as Big Bang in the future.”

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Posted by: cherryblossoms | August 24, 2008

G Dragon, “I Want To Get Married Soon And Settle Down”

Big Bang leader GDragon made a shocking confession, “I want to get married soon”.

He said that on 23rd August on KBS 2TV “Entertainment Weekly” Guerilla Date corner, other Big Bang members were also present.

One of the reporter had commented that his hairstyle is unique and GDragon replied with, “I had thought a lot about having this hairstyle, I wanted show everyone a different and more manly side of me. And I am very satisfied with this hairstyle.” GDragon had a comeback with a new Mohican hairstyle which became the topic amongst fans and netizens.

And when it came to the “Big Bang’s Special Truth or Lie” corner, GDragon was given 3 votes out of the other members as the member “Who will probably get married first”.

And then GDragon was posed the question “Do you have a girlfriend” and his answer was “It’s not that” and he continued to explain, “I think it seemed that I am going to be the one who would step into the wedding hall and get married the earliest. And I do want to build a home together with the person I love and our baby soon.”

GDragon was also drew attention when he selected himself when the group was asked “Who is the smartest member?”. He explained, “Being the leader, I have to be flexible and quick to face the situations.”

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Surprise For Wonderfuls As JYP Entertainment Release This Time MV

On 22nd August, Wonder Girls released the music video for “This Time” which surprised many fans and created a lot of buzz. “This Time” is a song that garnered a lot of love along with the title track off their mini-album “So Hot.”

“This Time” MV begins with the Wonder Girls’ members in their everyday life and the storyline progresses when Sohee reads a book titled “This Time.” Actor Shin Dong Wook, who has a strong fanbase because of his great acting skills and looks, plays a designer who falls in love with a mannequin, played by newbie actress Kim Yun Ah, and as a result the love story becomes very complicated.

Another reason why the music video is creating so much buzz is because the winning contestant from last year’s “UCC music video contest for ‘Breaking up in the daylight’’ was the one who produced the music video.

A JYPE representative stated, “On December 2007 we held a contest called ‘The Breaking up in daylight music video challenge,’ where the winner got an award and was given the chance to produce an all-expense paid music video for one of the artist signed under JYPE.” The rep also stated “The contestant who grabbed our attention was Kim Eui Yun who eventually won the contest and was invited to produce the music video for ‘This Time,’ which is thought of as Wonder Girls second title track after ‘So Hot.’ The production team spent three months shooting the music video before it was released today.

The music video was co-produced by director Kim Kwang Eun who stated, “The music video is about the Wonder Girls’ members reading a book titled ‘This Time,’ a complicated love story between a designer and a mannequin.” He explained, “This Time’ is a bright ballad song, so we decided to reflect the mood of the song by using only soft colors in the video. To enhance the composition of the video we used a unique technique called “rotoscoping.”

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Wonder Girls For TBJ Wonder S Jean No. 5 & 6

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Wonder Girls For TBJ Wonder S Jean No. 3 & 4

Credit: Wonderholic

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